The Pace Philosophy

So you have decided to put your package on the map? Congratulations! At the PACE we are here to help. We offer a full range of services, from simple maintenance to full blown plant creation, and automation, anything necessary for your packaging needs,we can provide! The PACE has a fine history of creating top-flight packaging solutions both on time and on budget. Usually for alot less than many businesses thought it would cost. We help create hundreds of packaging solutions each year, but still let you know that YOU are our most important client. At the PACE, we treat each customer with the respect and dignity a customer deserves, it is not based on size, as a small customer's 100 packages a day are just as important and vital to their business as the larger customers 1,000,000 packages are to them ! Give us a try !!! Call or E-MAIL us today for a quotation or to set up product testing. We look forward to hearing from you, and creating a package you can be proud to put your name on!

Available Services

  • Packaging Films and Supplies
  • Packaging Equipment, both New and Used
  • Equipment Repair and Service
  • Full Machine Rebuilds
  • Machine Customization
  • Equipment Integration
  • Packaging Solutions / Specifications
  • Consulting / Engineering
  • PLC Programming / Automation
  • Line Layout / Turn-Key Packaging Systems
  • Phone Support / Parts Assistance
  • Vendor Support / We Bring The Right Companies Together !